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JJCA Virtual Punch
Apr 28, 2020 JJCA Lessons Learned

We might not be able to orchestrate a virtual boxing match, but when it comes to punching, we're getting the job done! We’ve completed two virtual “punch” sessions, one with a mechanical and plumbing focus and the most recent with an architectural and electrical focus, for our north tower phase 2 work at Acadia's StoneCrest Center in Detroit, Michigan.

In one corner, JJCA's own Steven Reutter came out "zooming" with the floorplans, reflected ceiling plans, and finish plans prominately displayed on his screen. In the other corner, the contractor had the PM walking the space at StoneCrest with an iPad while the superintendent pointed out various things, "zooming in" where necessary, and answering our questions.

And everyone came out punching!

Referee Stefan Balcer kept score - well, actually, he typed our punch list into Bluebeam so we can issue it with references to the plans, along with screenshots where applicable.

The next time we do a few rounds of virtual punching, we'll look for ways to get a clearer view of the action, as the iPad was constantly moving and lighting was not ideal. We're also going to have to learn to better interpret mask-speak, but we are very glad our contractors were taking proper precautions by wearing their masks!

The second phase of the north tower work at StoneCrest is a 24-bed renovation of the central north tower slated for completon this summer.

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