Renovation Projects Are Messy

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Jun 12, 2024 JJCA Improving the Human Experience

There must be a better way to survive renovation projects. At least, that's what most of our clients say. Noise. Dust. Operational interruptions. Staff, patient, and end-user inconvenience. Living through a renovation project can be dreadful.

There's always a way, we say.

And that's what we did with the Cody Regional Health staff when they needed to upgrade their current systems to improve the efficiency and storage space functionality of their Central Sterilization Unit.

First, we helped them identify the optimal location for their sterilization services. We knew that any renovation would impact staff efficiency. The existing unit was in the basement, and surgery was on the first floor. The site prohibited an expansion on the first floor, and any other location in the basement was too far from the surgery space and required extra steps and more public interaction. The existing location was the right one, and we addressed the messy renovation process with an innovative solution to keep the unit operating.

During the four construction phases, we used a portable trailer in their parking lot that served as an interim central sterile unit.

The trailer could have seemed too expensive to rent, but we shortened the construction time and allowed the staff to continue with their regular duties. This solution made the renovation project a better experience for everyone involved.

Ultimately, we asked staff, "What was it like working in a trailer?" The response was surprising: "It wasn't great, but we preferred it to living through four construction phases, with all the noise and dust. After all, it wasn't that bad."

Clients don't always think about construction's impact on their daily life. We know that our design services must consider how to keep clients in business during all the phases of the construction process. The best solutions are a collaborative effort with staff and the construction team.

Renovation projects are inherently messy. We're driven to make them as easy and pleasurable as possible. There's always a way to endure.

And we love it when our clients love their new spaces!

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