109 Church of Christ
Special Solutions109 Church of Christ

Lebanon, TennesseeNew ConstructionSize: 29,441 SFConstruction Cost: $8.1MCompleted: May 2021

109 Church of Christ
109 Church of Christ
109 Church of Christ
109 Church of Christ
109 Church of Christ
109 Church of Christ

Bordered by a state highway and crossed by a blue line stream punctuated with wetlands, the steep, rocky, and heavily wooded site selected for construction of the 109 Church of Christ presented a unique design challenge that was furthered by the need for a one-story, rampless facility with room for future expansion. Finding the optimal location for the building to minimize excavation and avoid distruption of the wetlands and stream was a team effort that required collaboration with the civil engineer and contractor.

Design of the 29,441 square-foot building provides for parking lot elevations in three relatively flat tiers, with the first for handicapped and elderly parishoners at building level, a second tier several feet higher than the building and a third tier available for development as needed. After considering both traditional steel frame and prefabricated metal, the prefab option provided both cost-effectivness and the cutting-edge look desired to fit 109's dynamic and contemporary identity. Future expansion has been accounted for, with appropriate-sized flat areas available on three sides of the building as well as the easily-expandable (and energy-efficient) prefab materials.

The new church, an offshoot of Mt. Juliet Church of Christ, is now flourishing as an independent congregation.

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