Welcome, Nathan: Our New Project Coordinator

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Nathan Johnson
Feb 5, 2024 JJCA Fostering Creative Minds

Nathan Johnson joins the JJCA team as a coordinator for our Project Management engagements, bringing a unique background and keen curiosity to our architectural firm. He's excited by the varied responsibilities of his role, viewing each task as a chance to grow. Nathan's not just focused on business; he's deeply engaged in the architectural and construction details, striving to identify and resolve issues preemptively.

His knack for scrutinizing architectural drawings from start to finish is key. Nathan excels in spotting small details that could lead to future problems, and he skillfully balances client wishes with practical constraints like budget and industry limits. His approach to work is like solving a complex, ever-changing puzzle.

Nathan finds JJCA's culture of continuous learning and daily challenges perfectly aligned with his inquisitive nature. He appreciates the firm's diverse skill set and the freedom it offers the staff to pursue their passions, all within a professional yet fun environment.

His eclectic background includes a bachelor's degree in Entrepreneurship from Belmont University and mechanical engineering courses at Auburn University. His past roles range from valet to interim farm manager, inventory associate, and IT staffer. A Nashville native, Nathan cherishes memories of the city, especially the family farm, which he describes as a slice of heaven.

He is passionate about military history and geopolitics. Nathan's love for adult animation reveals his attention to detail and appreciation for creative freedom, highlighting his analytical and detail-oriented mindset. He loves spending time with his dog, and his dog loves fetching, so one of Nathan's busiest hobbies is throwing balls.

Nathan's addition to JJCA is significant; his multifaceted approach to work and life mirrors the complexity of our projects. As he embarks on his journey with us, we're excited to see his contributions and continual pursuit of knowledge in solving our client’s needs. Welcome to the team, Nathan!

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