Ugly Sweater Showdown

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Jan 9, 2024 JJCA Office News

Happy New Year! We made it through the holidays and wanted to take a moment to remember one of our fondest events before we get all the glitter and garland put away: the Ugly Sweater Competition and Gift Exchange. Our December event was spectacular, as usual, and filled with creativity, sparkle, and festive spirit!

DIY Delight: Sam's Taylor Swift Extravaganza: First, Sam stole the show with her DIY masterpiece. Channeling her inner pop star, she crafted a Taylor Swift-inspired sweater that was both a tribute and a fashion statement.

Caroline's Sparkling Ensemble: Caroline turned heads with her outfit that shimmered like a holiday night. Her strategy? A combo of a sparkling shirt underneath an equally dazzling sweater. This brilliant layering won her the 'Most Sparkle' award – rightly so!

Randall Wilson: The Ugly Sweater Maestro: Representing Skyhook Structural Engineering, Randall went full-on festive with his elf-themed sweater. It was a mix of hilarity and horror that perfectly embodied the spirit of the competition. Way to go, Randall!

Allison’s Nostalgic Number: Also from Skyhook Structural Engineering, Allison brought a touch of nostalgia. Her sweater, a cherished piece from her mother's wardrobe, was a heartwarming reminder of holidays past. She rightfully won 'Most Likely to Belong to Your Mom or Grandma.' There's something special about a sweater that carries a story.

Julie and Sarah: The Festive Duo: Last but certainly not least, Julie and Sarah teamed up to win 'Most Festive' with their harmonized holiday look. They donned matching sweaters, ingeniously repurposed from tree skirts! Their creativity and coordination were truly unmatched.

Gift Exchange: The Art of Giving and Swapping

The gift exchange was a whirlwind of fun, with presents swapping hands faster than you could sing "Jingle Bells." Among the standout gifts were a mini basketball game and an LED desk lamp. These two items became the hot potatoes of the day, trading owners multiple times in a playful battle of strategic gifting.

In the end, these gifts found their rightful homes, and the laughter and smiles they brought were a testament to the joy of giving (and receiving!).

A Holiday Bash to Remember

As the day ended, we were left with the warmth and camaraderie that only a holiday party can bring. From the outrageous sweaters to the heartwarming gift exchange, this event wasn't just about winning – it was about coming together, sharing laughs, and making memories.

Here's to another year of ugly sweaters and the beautiful people who wear them. Cheers for a great 2024 to all!

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