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Jun 8, 2022 JJCA Lessons Learned

The past two years taught us a lot about how to stay in touch and share information quickly. We’ve always been open to the latest design and project management tools, and staying in touch during the pandemic was critical since some were working from home and others were in the office. We embraced picking up the phone when we couldn’t have an in-person discussion, and we learned how to design collaboratively using Zoom.

Slack is one collaboration tool that we really enjoy. We use Slack to post announcements, pose and respond to questions, and stay informed during the day. Flat tire? Post on Slack to let others know we’ll be in late. Got a dentist appointment? Post on Slack to let others know when we’ll be in the office. Encounter a crash on the way to work? Take a pic and let others know so they can avoid the intersection. Slack helps us stay in touch.

It's especially fun when we celebrate lesser-known holidays, like National Donut Day. If you know how much fun we have working together, you won’t be surprised to know that our creative tribe found all kinds of donut GIFs and jokes to post. And then there were the photos of delicious treats in the kitchen.

We use Slack to share photos of a backyard or two to show the side effects of WFH.

We check in on each other, and share get well wishes.

We cooperate and show genuine concern for each other.

We also use Slack for showing design concepts, asking technical questions, and sharing groundbreakings and ribbon cuttings.

Technology can bog us down or it can help us stay connected, no matter where we are or what challenges we’re facing.

Slack is just one of the tools we use every day, and it helps us remember that JJCA is a great place to work.

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