EducationNashville State Community College Academic & Support Building

Nashville, Tennessee New Construction Size: 73,000 SF Cost: $19.7M 

NSCC A&S_Exterior_east walkway 1
NSCC A&S_Exterior_east walkway 2
NSCC A&S_Exterior_north entr
NSCC A&S_Exterior_se entr
NSCC A&S_Exterior_southside dusk1
NSCC A&S_Exterior_southside dusk2
NSCC A&S_Exterior_southside
NSCC A&S_Interior_classroom
NSCC A&S_Interior_common area 1
NSCC A&S_Interior_common area_stairs1
NSCC A&S_Interior_multipurpose
NSCC A&S_Interior_music rm
NSCC A&S_Interior_south entr
NSCC A&S_Interior_stairs
NSCC A&S_Interior_stairs_2story south view
NSCC A&S_Interior_stairwell
NSCC A&S_Interior_theater_audience
NSCC A&S_Interior_theater_stage

Nashville State’s academic and support building is the focal point for NSCC’s campus. Significant attention was paid to ensure that this building blends appropriately with existing, much older buildings, but is a visible symbol of the school’s transition into the future. The 73,000 square foot building includes a 355-seat auditorium with state-of-the-art acoustics, performance lighting, rigging equipment and audio-visual systems; plus an art gallery, classrooms and physical education space.

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    Team 9David Johnson, AIA, NCARB, EDAC
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    Team 10Michael Speck, AIA
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  • Even most Nashvillians are surprised to learn of the dramatic growth at Nashville State Community College -- which now has an enrollment of over 10,000 students.