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Thankful 2021
Nov 19, 2021 JJCA Office News

It's time for our traditional Thanksgiving email and as always, despite another challenging pandemic year, we are able to find plenty for which to be thankful. We challenged our team to be creative and specific in speaking of the things that make them grateful and they did not disappoint.

First Impressions

We welcomed several new folks to JJCA in 2021 and here are their thoughts:

Coby, one of our newest team members, says, "As a new employee I am thankful for this job and to be able to work for such a great firm and learn from the best and be surrounded by people with the same goals with my best interests in mind and vice versa. I am so lucky to sit next to Tim as he seems to be the guy that knows everything (haha). I try to not annoy him too much but he's such a great resource and I have already learned so much from him and Steven and others! But yeah I am just thankful I am here. I am grateful for no longer doing just planet fitnesses every day at my old job and having the opportunity to work on different projects that are more meaningful and just better in general!"

Sarah says, "I am thankful for this awesome new city I get to call home now, a supportive, caring new work family who’ve shaped me into an immensely better emerging professional, a loving new husband who is likewise being shaped into a better emerging professional at his firm, my three fat cats who are the best love bugs at the end of long days, my hyper doggo who never fails to give me the warmest welcome when I walk in the door, and my family back in Mississippi whose love and support is unwavering!"

Michael Horan is thankful for his midmorning and late afternoon walks: "I am thankful for midmorning and late afternoon walks. I am continually appreciative of the ability to get outside away from the desk for a few minutes and recollect my thoughts during an introspective walk. Ironically, those are the moments I make a mental list of what and who I’m grateful for and I think on those things.’s become a necessity for me to find respite away from my desk as I’ve become the target of Michael Speck’s sharpshooter Nerf training!"

Sam is thankful for, "my coworkers, and the growth I have been able to do professionally because of their wisdom and willingness to help and teach."

Enduring Covid Challenges

First, our thoughts and prayers are with everyone who has lost a family member, friend or colleague to Covid. Our JJCA family has been directly impacted by the pandemic so we know firsthand how difficult it has been. Julie Carpenter, whose husband had a very serious case, says, "I am thankful for all of the healthcare workers at St Thomas West who saved Tom’s life."

Several of our folks have had COVID, including Meredith who, says, "The top thing on my mind is how thankful for the people in my life I am. I’ve had covid and I am thankful for all the friends, family, and coworkers who checked in on me. My special shoutout of thankfulness goes to my husband who has been sleeping on the couch upstairs (ouch) and waiting on me hand and foot and making/getting me all the things that one wants while sick like french onion soup and ice cream (even if I can’t really taste them). My pup Gus hasn’t left my side which has made being cooped up in the house/room more bearable, even though I know it is driving him crazy."

Tim is thankful for vaccines and the fact that all of his family will be vaccinated by the end of the month.

Family and Friends

Illustrating the family-first philosophy at JJCA, Sommer says, "I’m thankful for the opportunity to balance work life and home life. It is very important for me to be there to watch my children do their school and extracurricular activities. I am thankful that JJCA recognizes that need, and gives me the that flexibility."

Michael Speck reflects on several thankfuls: "This past weekend, my church choir got to sing in service for the first time since March ’19. I’m thankful. Last year, a few weeks before Thanksgiving, my father had to be life-flighted out of a car accident. I'm thankful to have him coming to Nashville for Thanksgiving dinner this year, fully recovered. Also last year around the same time, I lost lost a family member to Covid. I am thankful this year to have a much happier outlook for all my friends and family. Finally, this year, I am back in the office with lots of projects where I’m working together with newer firm members. I am thankful for the opportunity to get to learn new things together."

Susan says, "I am thankful I got to celebrate another birthday with my Mom (87th) this past Veteran’s Day and thankful for time to breathe – enjoying all things Fall – foliage, football and fellowship with college friends TN tailgate style!"

Stephanie reflects on enjoying the now with her family: "I am most thankful this year for the continuing reminder of the value of time spent with family and the peace and rest it can bring in all of the uncertainty. With the COVID environment everchanging in work and schools, you have to stay on your toes and keep changing. It is tiring keeping up and we all strive for normalcy and peace. Having kids who recently turned 15 and 10, I am cherishing all the new experiences of learning to drive and navigating high school, no matter what non-normal situations we have to deal with. Knowing that there are likely only a few years left before we are more spread out, we have to decided to be joyful. I am thankful for being able to realize the importance of special moments, capture and cherish them when they come, and ride the waves between."

Food and Such

Head to Linda's house this year for Thanksgiving - she'll be making blueberry pie and serving it in a very special way. She says, "pie was served a certain way when I was growing up, which I recently discovered is a very regional specific way of eating it that no one I know has ever even heard of. In south central PA, in the Pennsylvania Dutch area, homemade pie is often served in a bowl of milk. So this Thanksgiving, I am making some pies (with that good Crisco crust so it doesn’t get soggy with the milk) and serving it to my family and friends." Linda adds, "I have a lot to be thankful for, 2021 has been a big big year!"

Will is thankful for: "My children’s authentic joy and spunk for life; my wife’s ability to bring people together and love them through food - a little too much; and amongst the world we live in, I’m thankful for my job and the opportunity to work every day aiming to help others."

Our Team, Our Clients

We're blessed to have both a great team and wonderful clients. David Brown and Steven Reutter share their reflections on team, clients and more:

David says:

"I’m thankful to our team for stepping up to new challenges, I really enjoy working with each member of our team. We’ve had a few instances this year where folks had to take on new projects or new roles, that were maybe a bit outside their comfort level, and they’ve stepped up and taken on the challenge with tenacity and care. I’m thankful for new clients that I am getting to know and being able to work alongside them. I’m thankful for building on years long relationships, through thick and thin, with our repeat clients. I get to talk to several of these special folks (they know who they are!) on a weekly basis as we work through typical project business. There’s a spirit of mutual respect and camaraderie that is present in the day-to-day, and I find that so gratifying and fun.

Steven says he is thankful for:

  • The health and safety of my family over the last year. We have not had to deal with having Covid with myself, my wife or my kids.
  • The health and safety of our office family over the last year. We’ve had several bouts with Covid with our office family, but so far no long-lasting, significant impact.
  • Continuing to have a good amount of work even with the impact of covid and supply chain issues, and that as we’ve had change within our staff we’ve been able to keep pace with our client’s needs.


We are all thankful for Ed's sense of humor and we end our giving of thanks with his list:

Ed is thankful for: "Online smoked turkey delivery, a holiday that disregards portion control, and the ability to love and be loved."

A well rounded list Ed, and everyone. We have much to be thankful for!

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