Northwest Emergency at Town Square
HeartNorthwest Emergency at Town Square

Amarillo, Texas
New Construction
Size: 13,300 SF
Construction Cost: $3.6M

Northwest Emergency at Town Square
Northwest Emergency at Town Square
Northwest Emergency at Town Square
Northwest Emergency at Town Square
Northwest Emergency at Town Square

JJCA has specialized in community healthcare architecture for two decades, allowing us to hone our skills in the design of more than 50 emergency departments. We’ve leveraged that expertise in the design of a number of freestanding emergency departments as well. This combination of experience has allowed us to develop best practices that are of benefit regardless of the type of emergency department. From rapid treatment areas that enable patients to get in and out quickly, to adjacencies that efficiently move patients from entrance to trauma and on to imaging and surgery, our designs recognize that every second counts in an emergency.

The Northwest Texas FED, a LEAN-delivered project, was designed to facilitate fast patient turnover by putting the caregiver in a pivot position to see patients and move them quickly through the process. The stone and brick exterior blends well with the aesthetics of the upscale, growing neighborhood. A separate pediatrics entrance, waiting area and several "kid-friendly" rooms, reduce stress for young patients while still offering the same efficient treatment flow as the rest of the facility.

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    Team2Stephanie Pielich, AIA, NCARB, CDT, CCS

Improving the Human Experience

Chasing Perfection, Catching Excellence

JJCA’s 2023 theme is Excellence. It’s the first year since we’ve been setting a theme that the word is a noun and not a verb. Why? Perhaps we’re not good word-smithers.

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  • Cadillac Ranch, a tribute to the evolution of the Cadillac tail fin is located on Route 66 west of Amarillo. Grafitti is actually encouraged here, so you can bring a spray can and make your mark on one of the nose-down Caddies, though it is likely to be covered up quickly by the next aspiring artist! Wonder what Stephanie and Blake sprayed on it during their visits to and from the Amarillo?