Special SolutionsEnsworth Loop Road

Nashville, Tennessee New Construction Construction Cost: $3.9MCompleted: 2017

Ensworth Loop Road
Ensworth Loop Road
Ensworth Loop Road

The Loop Road project on the Red Gables campus involves more than meets the eye. It starts with the circular road that provides better access around campus, decreasing traffic congestion at the end of the school day when parents pick up their children. It includes what's beneath the road as well: a tunnel that allows safe passage for children coming from school buildings down to the sports field. Storage, restrooms and team areas can also be found under the road and can be accessed directly off the track and field level. Finally, elevated spectator seating has been located adjacent to but slightly lower than the road, providing a great view and a buffer from the road. 

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  • Team 9
    Team 9David Johnson, AIA, NCARB, EDAC
  • Team 5
    Team 5Linda Mark, RA, CDT, CCCA

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Chasing Perfection, Catching Excellence

JJCA’s 2023 theme is Excellence. It’s the first year since we’ve been setting a theme that the word is a noun and not a verb. Why? Perhaps we’re not good word-smithers.

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  • Just a hop, skip and a jump from the Ensworth Red Gables campus, you can grab lunch at the Picnic, celebrating its 35th year in 2018. Try the Creamed Chicken, the casserole of the day, or a sampler of great homemade salads - and wash it all down with Cold Picnic Punch - the Picnic version of fruit tea.