Beaumont Behavioral Health

Dearborn, Michigan New construction
Size: 106,589 SF
Construction Cost: $40M

Within view of Ford’s test track and surrounded by Henry Ford’s legacy, Michigan’s healthcare giant and our client Universal Health Services teamed up to develop a new state-of-the-art behavioral health hospital in Dearborn. This 144-bed hospital provides acute mental health services to all age ranges as well as those that suffer from a combination of medical and mental health needs.

Henry Ford was known as an innovator in production and efficiency, and he created a car that the everyday person could afford. He also cared for his employees knowing their jobs could be monotonous and repetitive. He was a first in profit sharing and sought after the health and retention of his people. We believe if he were alive today, he would be thrilled to have this critical service so accessible.

Two highlights of our design were 1) ensuring there are no views of the test track from the second floor. Those car journalists have been known to sneak a peek at any cost!  2) For cost-effectiveness and build time reductions, the team incorporated precast, architectural precast concrete wall panels for the entire facade. These panels incorporated brick and patterns to give the product a residential scale and feel. These panels saved the client $1.2 million without impacting the schedule.

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Improving the Human Experience

Seeing the unseen

Sculptors see possibilities in blocks of granite or clay. Photographers frame landscapes through their outstretched hands. Seeing the unseen is something we do every day, too.

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  • Who can resist the draw of a great museum, especially one as important as the one that shares the history of one of America’s greatest achievements: the automobile? It’s worth missing a meal to walk through the exhibits and discover the stories behind Henry’s ingenuity, resourcefulness, and innovation. (And there are several restaurants if you're hungry after exploring the museum!)